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European Facial

This treatment begins with a deep pore cleansing to eliminate the toxins that are absorbed from harsh environmental factors. A steam shower will be given followed by exfoliation with gentle brushingand extraction of impurities. Treatment includes a relaxing shoulder, neck, scalp, hand and arm massage. Finished with a calming mask, hydration and SPF to close pores and keep the newly rejuvenated skin protected.                                                                                                     $75-85

 Acne Facial Treatment

To begin treatment, a deep pore cleansing will eliminate bacteria and pore clogging agents.
A steam shower and mask will be applied to openpores allowing  for extraction of impurities.
A high frequency treatment will balance and heal the skin while penetrating product
and killing any further bacteria on the skin.Followed by a soothing mask, hydration and
SPF to protect freshly cleaned skin.
~A series of 6 to 8 treatments is recommended  for noticeable improvement~                                 $80-90

Back Treatment

This treatment is perfect for the person who’s back is in need of a little extra TLC. Treatment includes a deep pore cleansing, a steam shower to open porescombined with an exfoliating mask and extraction of impurities. Treatment also includes massage to stimulate circulation and relieve the back of any aches and pains.                                                                                                                                                $75-85

Antioxidant Facial

This treatment will hydrate and improve the circulation of your environmentally stressed skin by nourishing your cells and saturating your skin with vital hydration.Treatment includes deep pore cleansing, steam shower with exfoliating mask and extraction of impurities. Also relaxing massage of the hands, arms, shoulders and neck finished with hydration, cell protection serums and SPF                                 $85

Lactic orGlycolic Treatment with Facial

Awaken that glow of health for your skin with this lactic or glycolic treatment designed for stressed, wrinkled, skin lacking tone and vitality. This treatment uses nature's natural resource of lactic acid  and glycolic acid to increase your skin's natural moisture supply, restore its natural barrier and target sun spots and aging skin.
     ~For best results a series of 6 to 8 treatments is recommended~                                               $80-$100

Microdermabrasion Treatment

MicroExfoliation is a technique that removes the topmost layer of skin, benefiting anyone who wants to improve specific skin conditions such as age spots and sun spots, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,acne scaring and rejuvenate the overall health and appearance of their skin. This Crystal Free treatment will remove this layer by gently polishing the skin with natural diamond chips while vacuuming the exfoliated skin cells away in a controlled manner.
     ~For best results a series of 6 to 8 treatments is recommended~                                         $90-$110

Also offering Chemical Peels


Full Face-----------------$50.00                                                      
Under arms--------------$22.00                                                
Full arms---------------- $50.00
Half arms----------------$35.00
Half legs-----------------$40.00
Full legs------------------$60.00-$75
Bikini line----------------$27.00
Bikini extended or Brazilian---$42.00-$60.00
Half back-----------------$35.00
Full back-----------------$60.00




PLEASE NOTE: A 24 hour notice is required for any cancellations or rescheduling of an appointment. Without notice, a fee of 50% of original service will be applied.